Well the shit is about to hit the fan. Ike is coming.

IKE is on his way. It’s bigger than Katrina and Rita were and it’s headed here. We’re looking at roughly 85 to 100 mph winds inland and big ass storm surge on the coast. My parents live about 5 minuets from the coast and they are having to evacuate. They have 2 dogs and 7 cats so it should be interesting for them. Hopefully their house will be okay.

I live a relatively safe distance from the coast so I’m not worried about storm surge or anything like that. I am very concerned about losing power and high winds and tornadoes. I’ve gotten most of our supplies but I might go buy more water and pop tarts. I’m also going to be preparing everyone’s bug-out bag in case we do have flee.  Anyone got room for a family of 4 with 2 dogs and a cat? Just kidding. sort of. 🙂


Anyway I’m sure we’ll be fine but please take some time out of your day and pray to whatever God or Gods you have that the damage to the people in Texas will be minimal and that we have no deaths.

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  1. Just one God … the Real One. And He’s hearing from me on your behalf as He has everyday since I met you. 🙂

  2. Thanks sugar. If we lose power and phone that will suck big time. I’m going to call ya’ll tonight and give you my cell just in case.

  3. I’ve been praying too. And I got your cell number now. 🙂 Love you hon.

  4. Awesome. It’s supposed to hit in Freeport which is exactly 68 miles from my house. I thought we were farther away but we’ll still be okay. Landfall is going to be around 1 am Saturday.

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