Well today’s the day. The sun is shining and the birds are leaving. The wind is picking up. Is it a sign? I think so. We’ve got some windows boarded up and water and batteries and all the other odds and ends we need. Ike seems to be turning into a massive storm.  I wouldn’t be scared if I didn’t have kids. Where I live is going to be getting the dirty side of the storm. That’s the bad side. Yippie.

My parents had to evacuate and thank God they did. Based on some reports the coast is going to possibly be hit with 20 to 50 foot storm surges.

I’m going to clean my house so when it blows away it’ll at least be clean. LOL   Just kidding! 🙂

Everything will be okay, I’m sure.  For those 3 people that read my blog don’t worry if I’m not around for a day or two. It just means we have no power.

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  1. Cleaning – LOL, just sweep the dirt outside and it’ll just blow away. Then you won’t have to vacuum!

    Seriously, you know I’m praying for you guys. Make sure that cell phone is getting a full charge, just in case you need it, you know, like calling me to let me know you’re okay.

    Love you hon. *hugs*

  2. We love, and will be praying, for you, sweetie. Please send up a flare and let us know you’re all right as soon as you can.


  3. you should shoot up some smack, that way you won’t know the doom heading towards you.

    Just kidding, i’m being an ass, no wonder why people call me an ass.

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