Dear Mr. Dirty Old Black Man

As I was leaving the inside of Wendy’s you felt the need to tell me how nice my round ass was. I would say I was flattered but you are older than my dad and that’s saying a lot. He’s 80. I will say thank you though for appreciating a round rear and not a flat one. But that’s about it for my happy thoughts about you.  I was a little grossed out because you are way old and I got even more grossed out as you leered at me. Being a fine southern woman all I said was thank you but I assure you I was vomiting on the inside. While I love men, younger and older, I do have my limits. I wasn’t aware of said limits until I had my experience with you. I hope you have a nice longer life, but when I woman is young enough to be your granddaughter you should keep your thoughts to yourself.

Thank you. 🙂

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  1. Yick.

    I hope someday when I’m old and feeble I have the courage to comment on someone’s ass like that.



  3. hahaha

  4. Darc ~ When you’re old and feeble and you want to comment on the ass of a hot young thing, just try to remember the possible emotional scarring it might produce. 🙂

    V ~ I know I Rofled too. Why can’t it be some 18 year old strapping young buck to comment on my tush. At least that’s a big boost in the day and not an uncomfortable moment. I guess I should be happy people still look. LOL

    J.R. ~ I’m glad I could give you a laugh. 🙂

  5. Cuz our 18 y/o’s have been raised to never talk that way to women. Only the generation older than us is still like that. Now we call it sexual harassment and cute guys don’t do it anymore. *pout* 😉

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