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Here in this garden of stone we’re all reminded that freedom really isn’t free.  Before America was even a country there were those brave and courageous enough to stand up and say no to oppression. Everyday men and women put their lives on the line so we can spout off at the mouth. Military suicides are up at an alarming rate. The burden these men carry is enormous and war is hell. Be sure to thank those who serve us and our great country.

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  1. Every time Falcon and I see someone in uniform, we salute them publicly. If we’re close enough to make contact, we’ll thank them to their faces.

    It’s so important for them to know we’re grateful. As our great nation goes down the tubes one surrendered freedom at a time, I wish the legislators doing the flushing would have to do it in those gardens of grave markers, and only after they hear why each one of those brave souls was laid to rest.

    Maybe they’d think twice before signing anything that eliminated or limited our freedom.

  2. I love that guy’s jacket. Somebody DID pay for our freedom, and we owe them a debt of gratitude for it. We owe them dignity and respect, and we have to keep fighting for our freedoms, so their sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

    One of my favorite lines in Saving Private Ryan was, “Earn this.” We need to deserve our freedom every day, be worthy stewards of what they fought and died for.

  3. We don’t hear about the numerous ones who are now mentally suffering along with losing limbs and suffered painful injuries.

    A marine friend from high school, got popped in the leg earlier this year. Was in some heavy fighting, saw some close people get killed. his parents were worried about his drinking.

  4. That’s so sad J. I would say I hope the VA will help him but I know better. The VA is a perfect example of how our government does not take care of it’s soldiers. My husband was in the Army and has a service related injury that he has to go to the VA for from time to time. The way they treat the people there is sickening, especially the WW 2 vets. Makes me so angry. Maybe your friend can find a support group with other vets.

  5. The government does not care about anyone, thats why they send people to war in the first place.

    The people have to make them care.

    My friend will be alright; I think he knew what he was getting into when he signed up and he was pretty crazy to begin with as everyone in my high school has become or was.

    I thought about doing it. When I was bumming around Chicago last year, got my act straight somewhat and got back into school.

    This war is messed up because there is never going to be an end to it and we can’t pull out.

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