If J.R. ever moves to Texas I’m buying him this shirt.

Davy Crockett's famous quote.

Davy Crockett

And for everyone else who lives outside Texas, this is for you. (All in good fun of course)


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  1. That 1st one is perfect for JR!! LMAO And the 2nd one really cracks me up. 😀 You’ll NEVER see an IL shirt like that!

  2. Yeah, I got to get my ass to Texas after graduation. Or at least check it out.

  3. I’m glad you approve Fal! NO, shockingly I didn’t see ANY IL. pride shirts. Shocking I say!

    J.R. ~ You should come in the winter or spring, that’s when it’s the nicest here. ‘Course you’ll see a lot more Texas bikini’s in spring. I’m going to find the events around Texas site I use and send you the link.

  4. I’m saving up money to journey to places, I may get down there and check it out in the spring, maybe even in the winter.

  5. Not shocking at all. 😛 They know no shirts like that would sell.

  6. IL shirts like that would sell — all to Daley, who’d say “See? We sold out of all of dem shirts, so dat means we’re cool.”

  7. ROFLMFAO Darc!!!

  8. I’m thinking about just buying that first t-shirt even if I don’t move to Texas.

  9. Raga, I updated my “Does Texas suck?” post. You may want to check it out

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