This is a good lesson in not judging a book by it’s cover.

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  1. What I want to know is, who video taped this? And is Grasshopper going to be SUED now?

  2. Grasshopper – ROFL!!! Oh that hurts! My sides!

    I was going to say, be wary of the dorky one, but when I saw Darc’s comment I busted out laughing!

  3. its funny because the white guy owned the mexican.

  4. Yeah, he thought he was gonna school whitey. Boy was he surprised! This may make me an asshole but I’m really glad that white people are done with being easy targets. My husband is known as the “crazy white guy” on our street because when a few of the homies and vatos tried to talk shit one day to him he didn’t back down and told them to bring it. They turned tail. So needless to say no one messes with us.

  5. I got to get my resume to your husband if he is the crazy white guy. Sounds like a badass.

    Texas people are not in the pansy white people category. Like I was saying, people that keep quiet, until someone tries to mess with their shit–real Americans–no matter what race.

  6. Its always a victory for the western world when the white guy pwnds the ghetto ass mexican.

    I always send my resume. Just so he can have it, if nothing else. Thanks again.

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