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  1. *hug* We love you.

  2. Perfect.

    *hugs* I love you. And now I need tissue.

  3. The embedding didn’t work but i think that is Johnny Cash.

    What wrong?

  4. Darcs ~ I love you guys too and your support means so much to me.

    JR ~ What’s wrong is in roughly the past week I’ve had my character questioned, been called cruel for defending my best friends, drawn into a stupid war because of a crazy bitch, have a stomach flu, my hair is falling out, and I STILL have a tree on my roof, a hole in my house, and clients who don’t want to pay. Oh yes, and Obama thinks no one should have guns which scares the hell out of me because all the stupid sheeple thinks he’s just so fucking great.

    The thing is I think, and I’ve been told, I’m a nice and loving person. I try to take care of the people I care about in one way or another. Be supportive and all that shit. And then it’s not good enough and people I don’t know from a hole in the ground think I’m an asshole. I’m just about full up. I know we’re not supposed to care what people think about us, especially those we don’t know, but it still stinks.

    So I guess I’m having a bad week and the vomiting constantly doesn’t help.

    Aren’t you glad you asked? I am, I actually feel a little bit better.


  5. We’re like a good bra – supportive and close to your heart. 😉 *hugs* Love you too. 😀

    I’m glad you’re feeling a little better.

  6. Well I hope you physically feel better with the flu.

    The tree will be gone soon enough.

    Obama sucks, he has been pushed down our throats from day one and has done nothing, has no experience and stupid dumbass people think he will bring change.

    Don’t be afraid, this country has less than a few years left. Its been deliberately destroyed I am convinced. I wouldn’t be surprised if I woke up and my blog was deleted and martial law was declared.

  7. Well I gotta say that if guns are outlawed that will start a civil war. Every armed Texan I know would rather die with a gun in their hands then give them up. I also know for a fact that many other people in other states won’t lie down and take it either.

    Give me liberty or give me death.

  8. Yup Civil war 2 is a brewing. I’m glad there are people like Texans.

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