The upside of Bell’s Palsy

I have Bell’s Palsy. Thankfully it isn’t permanent. What it does mean is that for a while, weeks to months, the entire left side of my face is paralysed. After I had a good cry I decided to try and think of the good things to come out of this. So here’s list I started and will hopefully add to.

1. When I cut onions only one eye burns and tears up.

2. I will lose weight because half of the food I eat falls out of my mouth.

3. All those straws I bought years ago will no longer be wasted.

4. I can’t wear eye makeup. Fantastic because I don’t like to wear makeup.

5. I can do a killer Popeye impersonation.

6. I have accidentally rediscovered flirting with total strangers because I’m constantly having to manually blink my eye. Luckily my husband sees the humor in this.

That is it for now but like I stated earlier I hope to find more silver linings to add. If you can think of anything let me know!

As for the far more horrible stuff, I’ll know in about a week and a half what is going to happen. Keep my little one and I in your thoughts and prayers please.


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