The best writer you’ve never heard of

There’s this guy.  He writes in a way that can chill you to the bone, make you laugh ’till you cry, and always leaves you wanting more.  The problem is this guy doesn’t know his own worth.  Big dummy.  He creates these characters that you fall in love with, (Dillon anyone?), and paints images in your mind using his words like a giant paintbrush.  He’s done for the water what Jaws did for going to the beach 20+ years ago.  Know the best part?  He just gets better and better. His talent is enormous and with every new story you get the honor and privilege of watching him grow as a writer. I keep thinking it isn’t possible for him to knock my socks off, but with every new piece he again blows me away.

Want to know who he is? Of course you do!  He’s the DarcKnyt. He’s awesome and if you read his work you’ll fall in love too. You don’t know what you’re missing. I plan to fix that! He’s written many wonderful things but I’m going to share some of my favorites with you.

The first is Ghost Hunters. Hands down! This is where I met this kickass writer and his creations. I had no idea what a treat I was in for when I started reading this book. I felt every emotion he portrayed so much and was left salivating for the next installment every week.

Now if you want to be scared and disturbed you need to read Getting Away from it All. Thanks to this story alone I won’t be getting on a boat any time soon.

Now if you’re looking for a hot and steamy mystery you have got to check out Remember Me.  Here Mr. DarcKnyt shows that you can write emotional and HOT love/sex scenes without being vulgar.

Another story that enjoyed beyond words is The Lake. I laughed my butt off at this one. SO WELL DONE!

You want a little vampire in your brain? Then read this short fantastic story My Childhood Friend.

Also, if you want an eye opening and moving experience then please read Not a Typical Morning. This IS NOT just a story. It really happened to my dear friend and it’s shows a stark and gritty portrayal of how low we as people can be. It shook me to the core and was at the forefront of my thoughts for weeks after he wrote it.

I believe in this man’s abilities 100% and I’m honored that he lets me into his world. In the world we live in today where your blog/chat/log-in name means so much I’ve tried to show him how much I appreciate what he does. He’s the reason I’m the KnytStalker.

He’s an amazing writer and an even better friend. Not to mention his wife is one of my most favorite people in the whole universe. I could go on for hours about her too! She’s funny and sweet and tough as nails. That will have to wait for another day because this today is all about The D man. Don’t want to wait??? I sure as hell don’t blame you. Here’s her blog:

So in short if you don’t read what this man writes then there will be a void that you won’t be able to fill. Entertainment that is fun and intellectual seems to be lacking in today’s society. If you’re missing it then you’ve found the right place. Read his work, be blown away, and then be sure to tell him how awesome he is.


Law enforcement: NOT on your side!

Hi all! Scary news today. We’ve been harassed by our neighbors dogs for a while now. The final blow came when said dogs trapped my 5 year old and me in my car until my husband came and scared them off.  Now I don’t know if you’ve ever been trapped somewhere with dogs circling you, watching you but it’s a terrifying experience.  Remember Cujo? We’ve called the police several times. The last cop that was here at our house told us next time the dogs are out to call the police again. Well today they were out and we called again. Like we were told to. The officer that came out walked up with an air about him that was annoyed. I’m sure he thought he should be out eating doughnuts and hitting on young girls and not wasting his time DOING HIS JOB.

When my husband and I explained what the situation was he said that’s not my problem call animal control. Things went downhill from there rapidly. My husband said you need to go deal with those dogs because the dogs being out not on a leash is breaking a law. The cop told my husband that since my husband knew all the laws and was a law enforcement officer that he should go handle the people. My hubby is not a cop, he just knows the laws like any good citizen who cares about his rights should.

Now, what you don’t know is that the neighbors house is a hangout for gang-bangers and society’s mistakes. It took 6 cop cars to arrest 1 teenager. Yeah, I want to go down there and talk to those people. My lily white ass would do a lot in getting them to obey the law.

Back to the story! Well said Jellyroll and my husband then began to argue more and I made my husband go inside. The cop then told me he wasn’t talking to me or my husband anymore and that we were basically on our own. I followed him to the end of our driveway literally saying please talk to me over and over again. He then got into his car and wouldn’t talk to me until I said for the 6th time I’m begging you to talk to me. He then proceeded to tell me that my husband was a know-it-all and that he thought very little of my husband. I tried to steer him away from the conversation about my husband several times and when I FINALLY did I told him my main concern in dealing with these neighbors was the fear of retaliation. Copper’s response was to say don’t you think they know it’s you already? Well they do now!

As I was outside begging the cop to talk to me the dogs came out and ran up to someone on the street. Well the cop then went over there but I’m positive it was only because i was outside at the time.  I came back inside my house and we call the pig’s Sargent and talked to him. The Sargent said flat out that we were not to go talk to these people and what the boy in blue did was wrong. He said that the office that came here and turned me into a nervous wreck was in the wrong. He claims that he will talk to him but I won’t be holding my breath.

My new concern is that we pissed this jackass off. Will we receive proper police protection now? I hope so, but again I’m not holding my breath. So if Mrwakeupcall and I disappear please remember this and call Fox News. Or maybe Nancy Grace, she’s a real bitch who loves busting chops.


I would also like to say that while in general I have issues with authority I am a law abiding citizen that pays her taxes. I also have respect for the badge and generally hold police officers in high regard. I DO NOT however have respect for those who abuse the badge. Especially those that have no problem taking a paycheck that we the people provide them but refuse to do their job unless it suits their mood.