It’s hot.

104 was the high today, it’s still 103. It’s not even July. Sigh.

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Just because you can make babies doesn’t mean you should…

A big story happening here in Texas is the problem of parents/grandparents leaving their kids/grandkids in hot cars for hours at a time. Sadly, in August 2 small children died because they were left in cars for hours in this unbearable heat. Both of the children were accidently left in cars while their parents went to work.

What’s worse is that yesterday it almost happened again. The big difference this time is that the boys are still barely alive and they were left in the car because their mom was drunk. Seems mom didn’t think it was a bad idea to take her 1 and 2 year old boys to a party that she left at 4 am. She says she consumed 5 alcoholic drinks and that she left the kids in the car when she got home because she was going to run in and out. Well she ended up falling asleep. When she woke up at 1 p.m. she suddenly remembered she forgot the children in the car. Those little boys sat in that car for 11 HOURS. By the grace of God the kids were still alive and a neighbor preformed CPR and thanks to her actions both children are alive.

See for the entire story.

Now I would like to state that I know I’m not the world’s best mom but I’m sure as hell not the type of mom to keep her babies out until the crack of dawn partying. Every time I get out of my car I look in the back seat, even if my kids aren’t with me. It’s a good habit to have and one I never break. I’ve also gotten in the habit of glancing into people’s cars as I walk through parking lots because people leave their kids on accident more than we think. I hope more people will do this too.

So please people, pay attention to things going on around you because if we’re all a little less self-centered maybe this won’t happen as much.

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