Update on the bad cop!

Well we spoke to Johnny Law’s main supervisor just now. He was surprised and is going to investigate and talk to the cop that was here yesterday and all the other police personnel we spoke to yesterday and today. He is going to call us tomorrow and talk to us again. Meanwhile my husband is going to be speaking with our local ACLU about the matter.

For those who think we might be blowing this out of proportion please stop a minuet and think about this. He refused to do his job and then while speaking to us in an aggressive manner with his hand on his Taser. If any of you live in Texas you know about the big problem here with officers using Tasers unnecessarily.  A badge is not a blank check to do or say whatever you want and it is not a licence to attempt to intimidate people.  His acceptance of a paycheck, but refusal to preform the duties outlined in his job description is, by definition, fraud.

Oh! As far as we know the dogs that started this whole mess are still out and their owners are still unaccountable.

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