Education official refuses to retract Obama terror claim

This is from The Houston Chronicle:

AUSTIN — State Board of Education member Cynthia Dunbar isn’t backing down from her claim that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is plotting with terrorists to attack the U.S.

The Texas Freedom Network, a watchdog group that monitors the board, released a public statement on Monday asking Dunbar to retract the statement.

“I don’t have anything in there that would be retractable,” said Dunbar, R-Richmond. “Those are my personal opinions and I don’t think the language is questionable.”

In a column posted on the Christian Worldview Network Web site, Dunbar wrote that a terrorist attack on America during the first six months of an Obama administration “will be a planned effort by those with whom Obama truly sympathizes to take down the America that is threat to tyranny.”

She also suggests Obama would seek to expand his power by declaring martial law throughout the country.

“No matter who you support for president, we should all be able to agree that Ms. Dunbar’s disgusting attack is a shocking example of the extremism that has infected the state board,” TFN President Kathy Miller said.

“It’s stunning that a board member who helps decide what Texas children learn in their public schools would say something so disgusting and reprehensible. She should be taking refresher courses in civics and good citizenship, not deciding what Texas kids learn.”

The State Board of Education will begin revising public school social studies curriculum standards after adopting rules for science next year. Those standards will determine the content in new public school textbooks.

“Right now, we’re still in America and we still have freedom of speech,” Dunbar said. “And unless that’s changed, I’m not aware of it.”

This is the article that she was quoted from.



This lady has monster balls and I am so impressed with her courage to speak her mind.  This is why I love Texas and probably am so willing to ignore it’s flaws.  It’s the people. Without a doubt. I for one am absolutely thrilled she is deciding what my children will learn and not some liberal, supposedly politically correct diarrhea that paints all whites to be devils that care for nothing more than killing “minorities” and oppression. I’m so fucking tired of it all. Yes your ancestors might have had it brutal maybe hundreds of years ago. I’m sorry. It’s time to move on, “for the healing to begin”.

But that’s besides the point. I applaud you Cynthia Dunbar. You said what you were thinking and didn’t back down from your beliefs because they might be unpopular. We need more people willing to stand up for the freedom of speech.

Just wanted to add a quick note. My spellcheck wants to replace Obama with Baa. As in sheep. Just a coincidence? I think not.

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