Police kill Californian defending home from theft


ANAHEIM, Calif. — A California man has been shot and killed by police after he stepped outside his home to confront suspected burglars.

Anaheim police said Julian Alexander heard an officer chasing four juveniles through his neighborhood early Tuesday and came out of his house with a broomstick to defend himself. Police said the officer ran into Alexander on his front lawn and shot him twice in the chest.

Alexander’s wife and mother said the officer told them to stay inside, and from the window, they saw Alexander handcuffed and bleeding. He later died at a hospital.

Police Chief John Welter said Alexander was innocent.

The Orange County district attorney’s office will investigate the shooting.

The officer’s name has not been released.


Well all I can say is wow.  I really don’t understand why the man was shot. Twice. I also don’t understand why he was handcuffed. Is this normal procedure? I don’t know how much of a threat he could be since he was shot and all. I could be wrong though, I just don’t see why the handcuffs were needed. He was armed with a broom, not a gun. I don’t get it.

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