Dear Mr. Dirty Old Black Man

As I was leaving the inside of Wendy’s you felt the need to tell me how nice my round ass was. I would say I was flattered but you are older than my dad and that’s saying a lot. He’s 80. I will say thank you though for appreciating a round rear and not a flat one. But that’s about it for my happy thoughts about you.  I was a little grossed out because you are way old and I got even more grossed out as you leered at me. Being a fine southern woman all I said was thank you but I assure you I was vomiting on the inside. While I love men, younger and older, I do have my limits. I wasn’t aware of said limits until I had my experience with you. I hope you have a nice longer life, but when I woman is young enough to be your granddaughter you should keep your thoughts to yourself.

Thank you. 🙂

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